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Membership Vetting Criteria
Approved by Board of Directors
February 10, 2021

Background.  From the very first days of conversations regarding the formation of a Professional Association for Bee Removers there was much discussion over deciding on a membership criteria – in order to give weight to the term “Professional Bee Remover”.   As a result of the many organizational meetings, this document is created to serve as an official guideline for how membership to the Organization shall be processed and verified.

Application for Membership Procedure.  All persons applying for membership to the Organization shall fill out an application form (and payment for current year’s dues) which shall 

  1. indicate the type of membership they are seeking as defined in the By-Laws Article IV, Section 2
  2. Signature agreeing to abide by the By-Laws and Code of Ethics of the Organization. 
  3. Full contact information – to be used by both administrators of the Organization as well as listed on Organization’s website as advertising benefit to the members. 
  4. List of counties in which the member operates (again, for website purposes)
  5. Verification of history as a remover as appropriate for the type of membership requested, as outlined in the Vetting Process section below. 

Vetting Process.  Applications for membership shall be reviewed by the Membership Committee  

  1. For applications seeking a “Swarm Capture Specialist” membership, no history of experience as a Bee Remover is required.  

  2. Applications requesting a “Colony Removal Specialist” membership type shall be verified / vetted by one of the methods below:
    1. Signed affidavit of five (5) or more current Colony Removal Specialist members.  Affidavit must include the length of time the member has known the applicant as well as a testament to the professionalism of the applicant’s removal skills. 
    2. Signed letters of reference from a minimum of five (5) colony removal customers, including pictures or video of the removal.
    3. Been in the bee removal business for a minimum of 3 years and signed affidavits from five (5) or more other well-know & well respected bee removal professionals in Texas.
    4. Been in the bee removal business for a minimum of 3 years and the names of 2 or more current TxAPBR Board of Directors who will attest to your professionalism and experience (grandfather method for those who are well-known and highly respected in the Bee Removal Community)

  3. Applicants requesting a “Colony Removal Specialist” membership type shall provide a certificate of insurance which includes performing structural removals. 

  4. Applicants shall be free of official validated complaints from bee removal customers

  5. After reviewing the application, the Committee shall vote on each membership application, and forward their recommendation to the Board of Directors

  6. The Board of Directors shall review the recommendations from the Membership Committee and accept or deny each membership.  
    1. If a membership application is denied, the applicant should be notified within 14 days after being reviewed by the Board.  If a membership application is denied, the membership dues shall be refunded to the applicant.