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One of the first questions a person has when asked about joining this organization is “Why should I join?“.  It’s probably the most reasonable question a person could (or should) ask.  To that end, one of our objectives is to give solid, business benefits to membership. 2 Types of Memberships We offer 2 types of memberships – one for experienced bee removers who perform all levels of Benefits of Membership
  • Inexpensive advertising to people looking for bee removals.  One of our stated objectives is for this organization, more specifically, this website, become THE primary source of information for the public to turn to when faced with a ‘honey bee issue’.  We will provide our list of members to the public as a reference to help assist them in locating a qualified individual for their problem.
  • Group insurance – As a collective group, we are able to approach insurance companies and have them offer business liability insurance more appropriately suited to the work we perform.  And at prices suited for the jobs we perform.
  • Provide a voice which can speak to lawmakers and scan for potential legislation which may affect our businesses.  Previous attempts at requiring licensing illustrate the need for a unified front to present to lawmakers in Austin on our behalf.
  • Offer ongoing professional development and skill training.  Regardless of how well skilled any individual might be, there are benefits to being able to learn from other professionals in the business.
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