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Discount Business Liability Insurance

Currently there are 2 companies which are offering business liability insurance geared specifically for people who do bee removals.  Both companies have offered to give a discount to their normal premiums for TXAPBR members (you just have to mention that you are a member when you sign up for a policy with the agent – they will then verify your membership with us).   Those companies, and the agent you should contact are:

    • Texas Insurance & Financial Services
      Agent: Steve Osborne
      979-543-2709 (work)
      512-750-3797 (mobile)
      Policy is written by “Central Insurance Companies”
    • Citadel Insurance Services
      Agents: Sabrina & Sasha Hokanson

Note that both companies have policies which are dependent on the volume of work you perform and the level of coverage you want/need.  The policies also vary based on whether you do the repair work on the structure after the bees are removed.  Meaning, everyone’s policy will be slightly different for your needs.