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Membership in TxAPBR & How to Join

We have 2 types of membership available for individuals who remove bees here in Texas:

  • Non-Structural Remover – for people who capture swarms and perform ‘non-structural’ removals (such as water meters, open air colonies, forced absconds, etc).  This level of membership does NOT have voting privileges within the organization.  The cost for this membership type is $25/year.
  • Colony Removal Professional – for people who perform all types of bee removals, including colony removals from structures, non-structural removals, as well as swarm captures.  This level of membership has voting privileges within the organization. The cost for this membership type is $50/year.

Applications for membership are reviewed by a Vetting Committee before being approved.  The Membership Vetting Criteria have been approved by our Board of Directors, and are included on the application form.

In addition to filling out a Membership Application and paying the yearly dues, the membership application includes an agreement to abide by the organization’s By-Laws, which include in Article V, our Code of Ethics, which state:

    1. Abide by all state & local laws pertaining to beekeeping and bee removal.
    2. Perform removals with the public’s safety as the highest priority.
    3. Is a beekeeper who maintains at least 2 hives.
    4. Perform live removals whenever possible.  
    5. Live bees removed are hived for the purposes of creating sustained colonies of managed honeybees.
    6. Conduct business in a professional manner.
    7. Take advantage of opportunities in the course of business to educate customers & the general public in regards to bee removals and honey bees in general.
    8. Make the customer happy, as long as the customer doesn’t want something unsafe, irrational, or otherwise infeasible/inadvisable

To apply for membership with TxAPBR:

You can apply for membership using either the online application (linked below), or download the ..pdf version of the Membership Application Form. If you use the .pdf, save it to your computer, fill out the fields, then email to membership@txapbr.org.  You will then be given options on how to submit your membership dues payment.

Online Membership Application for Non-Structural Remover

Online Membership Application for Colony Removal Specialist