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Dear Honeybee Removers of Texas

I would like to introduce you to the Texas Association of Professional Bee Removers. (TxAPBR). We are a trade organization with a focus of promoting live honey bee removals within the state of Texas. The organization was conceived in 2019, worked through the wants and needs of our industry from that point forward, and became a legal not-for-profit 501c6 entity in 2021.

Some of the membership benefits I would like to point out are:

  • Show that you’re a professional!   Display our Trade Logo in your advertising, web pages, and/or business cards!
  • Education – for both the public as well as our members.
  • Voices together are stronger!  We are a representative voice for expressing legislative needs and concerns.
  • Be listed in our online database for removal professionals.  Our goal is that our website will become THE source of information for the public seeking bee removal, making a membership some of the cheapest advertising you can get. 
  • Be part of a network of other professionals to access for tips, tricks, and referrals for work outside of your area.
  • Referral to companies for covering your work with business insurance.

In addition, we are working to expand this with some “Up and Coming” benefits such as:

  • Access to our library of training videos.
  • Group rates for professional liability insurance.

Our annual membership is in two tiers, distinguished between those who may only perform swarm catches or simple colony removals (such as water meters), then the next level of membership is for those who perform structural honey bee removals.  As a professional organization, we do vet our membership to be sure that our members are professional – not only in the technicalities of performing bee removals – but also in customer service before and after the work is completed. We envision that our membership represents the best in professional business for our vocation in Texas.

The Texas Association of Professional Bee Removers (TxAPBR) invites you to consider joining our ranks.

Rex Smith

Texas Association of Professional Bee Removers